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The Practice of Unconditional Love

My journey in practicing non-attached love has been an eye-opening, transformative experience. It began with a realization that true love goes beyond possession and control, and it involves embracing the freedom and autonomy of both myself and my partner. I embarked on this path daily, and I have to confront my own insecurities and fears […]

Quiz-Love in Life

Text in your notepad or better yet, write in your journal the answers to the questions below. These questions can help gauge whether someone may benefit from coaching in the area of love, highlighting areas of potential growth, self-reflection, and support in their romantic journey. Many of my clients know that I practice nonattachment, unconditional […]

Ask about Love

Are you seeking a deeper understanding of your love life? Yearning for guidance on matters of the heart? My astrological and coaching session focused on love is precisely what you need. Here’s why you’ll want to embark on this transformative journey: “My unique Claravoyant skills coupled with remote viewing and my studies in psychology make […]