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5 Basic Soul Species

5 Basic Soul Species

There are 5 basic Soul Species (source tells me) all as powerful and necessary as the others. Which one are you more like?

1. BE- These souls live for now, be as they are, humanness is their home. Eat, Breath, work, be as happy as can be with simple living. Learning to just BE. Many prefer more body and mind experiences. This is often the Student or apprentice experience. *

2. SELFWORK- Here to completely understand the self. Spend time alone, create, learn, suffer in silence. Therapy is their friend (or nemesis at times) Self-help in any way even if its gardening, art, or solitude. Healing childhood abandonment and addictions, as they get to know themselves deeper.

3. HEALER- First they suffer great loss or pain as a child, to learn survival skills, understanding and empathy. The plan is to practice that one day to help heal others. Professionally or as an individual in everyday interactions with others.

4. TEACHER-As a student, a child, you question and oppose many conditions and people. Learning what you will one day teach, speak, inform or write your truth. Professionally or as an individual in everyday interactions with others.

5. ALIEN- This one shocks you, correct? Yes you are one that feels very disconnected to the human race. And yet you are a humanitarian, understanding the needs to basic survival. Food (earth)-Safe and Clean. Water-Safe and Clean. Air- Safe and clean. You prefer to alienate yourself from one-to-one encounters with humans and may enjoy groups.

* each one is a chosen experience for the soul, not one is a higher or lower level than the other. Some may choose these ‘roles’ to help others.



Holly Hall
Holly Hall

Master Astrologer Clairvoyant, NLP, HYP, LIFE COACH-Cosmologist

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