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7 LAWS of the Universe


Welcome to “Universal Harmony: Exploring the Laws of the Universe,” the podcast that delves into the timeless wisdom of the Seven Laws of the Universe. Join us as we embark on a journey of self-discovery, exploring the profound insights and practical applications of these universal principles. An enlightening discussion, and real-life examples, how to uncover these laws impact every facet of our lives. From relationships and personal growth to success and well-being, our podcast aims to provide a deeper understanding of these fundamental truths and how to align our actions with their wisdom. Whether you’re a spiritual seeker, a curious mind, or simply someone seeking to lead a more fulfilling life, “Universal Harmony” will guide you through the transformative journey of living in alignment with the universe’s laws. Tune in, open your mind, and let’s explore the mysteries of existence together.

Hi everyone today I want to talk to you about the seven laws of the universe this is going to be a game changer for you so you’re going to want to have to tune in and hang in there and I’m also going to give you a secret The Secret of how you can also do exactly what I do okay and I know that sounds difficult and I want but it’s not and you can get there so one of the things that I want to explain.

A lot of people say I’m psychic a lot of people say that I am extremely gifted and some people have said: ‘Do you have a camera in my house and how do you know this much about me?!’ Or you’ve articulated the essence of who I am better than I could have ever understood it myself, you have shaved off years and years of struggling in my life and even with in my children’s lives and in my husband or my partners or my wife’s life !

A lot of this has to do with somehow I am directly connected to the universe especially once I start tapping into you tapping into your energy and tapping into your astrological chart astrology is not woo-woo it’s something that goes back into the Babylonian age and it’s part of the seven laws of the universe there is actually seven lost the universe this goes back five thousand years in ancient Egypt in ancient Greece and in Vedic in India.

Five thousand years ago when the Greeks and the Egyptians and the in the East Indians didn’t even interact with each other there was no internet there was no snail mail so how is it that historically we can look back at their concept of the seven laws of the universe and they’re they all interchange they’re exactly the same okay they’re very similar so one of the laws of the universe and if you’ve got this if you can manage this you can tap into the universal mind as well!

The Seven Laws of the Universe, often referred to as the Seven Hermetic Principles or the Seven Universal Laws, are a set of foundational concepts that provide insights into the fundamental workings of the universe. These principles have their roots in various spiritual and philosophical traditions, including Hermeticism, ancient Egyptian wisdom, and New Thought philosophy. They offer profound guidance on understanding the interconnectedness of all things and living in harmony with the universe. Let’s delve into these laws, exploring each one and its significance.

**1. The Law of Mentalism: “All is Mind.”**

This law emphasizes the idea that everything in the universe is fundamentally a product of the mind. It suggests that the universe is a mental creation, and all that we perceive and experience is a manifestation of the collective consciousness. In practical terms, this law teaches us the immense power of our thoughts. Our thoughts shape our reality, and by mastering our mental processes, we can influence and create positive changes in our lives.

**2. The Law of Correspondence: “As above, so below; as below, so above.”**

This law highlights the interconnectedness and unity of the universe. It suggests that there are correlations and correspondences between different levels of existence, both macrocosm (the universe) and microcosm (individuals). This principle encourages us to see the reflections of the greater universe within ourselves and understand that our actions and experiences have an impact on the broader cosmos.

**3. The Law of Vibration: “Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”**

The Law of Vibration asserts that everything in the universe is in a constant state of motion and vibration. This includes not only physical objects but also thoughts, emotions, and energy. Each vibration has its own frequency, and understanding this law allows us to harmonize our energies with the frequencies we wish to manifest in our lives.

**4. The Law of Polarity: “Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites.”**

This law highlights the existence of duality in the universe, where opposites coexist and are interconnected. Light and darkness, love and fear, and positive and negative are all part of this universal duality. By recognizing and embracing both sides of any situation, we can find balance and deeper understanding in our lives.

**5. The Law of Rhythm: “Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall.”**

The Law of Rhythm underscores the cyclical nature of life and the consistent patterns of change. Just as the tides ebb and flow, our lives follow similar rhythms of growth, stagnation, and renewal. Understanding these rhythms allows us to navigate life’s challenges and make the most of its opportunities.

**6. The Law of Cause and Effect: “Every cause has its effect; every effect has its cause.”**

This law emphasizes the concept of cause and effect, often known as karma. It suggests that every action we take has consequences, and every effect can be traced back to a specific cause. By understanding this law, we become more mindful of our actions and their potential impact on our lives and the world around us.

**7. The Law of Gender: “Gender is in everything; everything has its masculine and feminine principles.”**

The Law of Gender highlights the idea that all things have both masculine and feminine aspects or energies. These energies are not limited to gender but represent the dual aspects of creation, growth, and transformation. Understanding and balancing these energies within ourselves can lead to greater harmony and wholeness.

Incorporating these Seven Laws of the Universe into our lives can provide a deeper understanding of our existence and our connection to the cosmos. By aligning our thoughts, actions, and intentions with these universal principles, we can navigate life with greater wisdom, harmony, and purpose. The exploration of these laws is an ongoing journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth, offering insights into the profound mysteries of the universe.

Science and physics is actually proven it now, if you look up the work of Nassim Haramein, they’re proving now that we are a ‘connected universe’. Nassim is a  radical physicist and where he received much of his education was in a van for the first 15 years, in nature, because he started seeing the Spin Theory in nature he started seeing the patterns and the mathematics in nature and it’s not just him okay they’ve already looked at the golden ratio which is a mathematical equation that you know that shows the patterning of things that grow such as the The Conch is it the Conch is a certain type of shell you know you you know the one that goes around and around in circles and if they if you take slow motion and you take a look at even a piece of grass growing it

Spins it spins as it’s growing it spirals as it’s growing the all the planets spin Earth spins they spin around the Sun everything spins okay this is a real this is a universal theory if you look at nature the acorn does not have to be told how to grow when to grow how slow to grow how fast to grow it’s just gross right the flower isn’t told to bloom

The which which is it the um the fly venus fly trap it does it’s not told okay you better close now someone’s coming better open now coming something’s coming right it just knows it’s a universal law it’s very similar to our our sympathetic central nervous system which runs our lungs and our heart we don’t have to tell our heart to be we don’t have to we don’t have to make our lungs breathe

Right and this is the same thing with the universal law of nature the first universal law is of the seven universal laws is immutable and mutable okay the difference between immutable and mutable now meaning they are absolute and can never be changed or transcended they have always existed and will always exist the other four laws are transnatory they’re immutable laws

Meaning that they can transcend okay they can transcend so the number one law is the law of mentalism okay the law of the Mind right the first of those seven is that all everything is of the mind that the universe is of the Mind that everything we see everything that we experience in our physical world is an origin of our mental realism so what we are is we’re Observers

And we observe by eyesight by hearing by Touch by smell and by vibration and some of us a lot of us and I can see this clearly when I’m working on some of my clients charts we do this through feeling through intuition we absorb the emotions and the feelings of others and then when we do this when we take this information into our mind we translate it into whatever you are personally what your filters are personally you may

Translate it into Beauty you may translate it into frustration you may translate it into something that emotionally blocks you or holds you back you may translate it into something that’s challenging but worth the challenge because you’d like Adventure you may translate it as something that is heartbreaking or hurtful and that’s why everyone can watch the same movie everyone can witness the same accident everyone can experience a similar event

Or a situation and every single one will have a different take on what happened because it really and this is one of the things that radical physicist hair seem talks about it’s because of our point of reference so if I take if I take this right here okay and you’re looking at it from my point of reference this is what you’re going to see

You’re going to see that but if you’re over here you’re going to see this and if you’re up here far away you’re going to see this all right and so it’s all on your point of reference but a point of reference is is constructed by your filters and your filters are devised by past experience karmic karmic lessons and debt and credit

Your experience of a a tragic event or trauma as a child can change a perspective so the the number one law of the universe is it the universe is mental that the human of the mind they use the word mental and I think that that sounds funny but it’s the universe of the Mind okay and that’s the universal mind and that’s what I tap into in fact we all tap into that but a lot of us aren’t

Aren’t aware of it we can’t translate it we’re not sure what it means we may be afraid of it that there’s and it doesn’t have control and everybody Taps into the Universal Mind always we just don’t always know it the ones that do really really good job at it and they probably don’t even realize it are inventors people who are um in search of discoveries people that are artists musicians very creative people tap into that Universal

Mind have you ever had a problem that you’ve been trying to work on for many years and all of a sudden something just pops in your head and go why didn’t I think of that before because you tapped into the Universal Mind where thousands upon thousands of people have the exact replica of the situation that you’re in and they have found answers and they have found Solutions and you tap into that that’s

Why when you look back in history hi Karen you look back in history and you see that many people all over the world invented the telephone all at the same time just one person got credit for people made discoveries all over the world historically at the same time because at the same time they were all tapped into that Universal Mind and every time they made a discovery every time they had an aha moment every

Time they put they they created a fix to the piece of the puzzle or something that was missing that gets sent to the universal mind and we can tap into that and that’s what I do I tap into that and I know people say I’m psychic or whatever I don’t know if I’m humble or I just I I’m a scientific person I don’t believe that I’m psychic I believe that I tap into the universal mind and the one thing with the concept of the universe is that

We have the ability to turn that on or turn that off it really depends on our filters the second law is the the law of Correspondence the second of the seven universal law tells us As Above So Below as below so above it has to be in harmony it has to be an agreement there has to be balance in correspondence with each other so for instance the same pattern is expressed on all planes for existence

From the smallest electron to the largest star and vice versa all is one so the ancient Greek Temple of Apollo and Delphi was referring to this love correspondence in the inscription know thyself Thou shalt know all the mysteries of gods and the universe now I tap into the universe and you know what what we’re missing the biggest epidemic that is in existence right now is that we don’t know who the heck we are we don’t know ourselves and that’s because

We’re being pulled in so many different directions and our point of reference keeps shifting and changing we have so much access to many facets a point of references that we lose sight of who we are I want to be the best mom I want to be the best wife I want to look good on Facebook I want to look like I’m happy when I’m really not what should I wear am I boho am I hippie am I Progressive am I professional you know and what should I eat and how should I take care

Of myself and should I exercise and what job and career should I have and what about my parents and I’ve got to take care of them and we’re just pulled off in so many different directions that we lose sight of Who We Are and that’s what I love about astrology that’s what I love about my my tapping into the universal mind when I read for person or for a group of people I can see exactly who you are and I don’t let my clients waver

They come to me and go well my husband doesn’t like the idea that I want to take this certain worship Workshop this has nothing to do with your husband because I’ll know the person and I’ll know that this person wavers on making decisions and choices and uses that balance of making a decision or a choice to procrastinate and so I will swing that person back around and go no no no no you’re just using this to procrastinate because

You’re scared because you’re shy because of you’ve got Mama trauma blah blah blah right and often I just get I just get answers I just know what to say and that is the one of the the major laws of the universe that I had just said the universe has an energy that just makes everything happen and make that makes the sun rise and the in the moon set and it it makes the

Winds blow and the weather makes grass grow it feeds our trees the trees give us oxygen they don’t have to think to do that it just happens it’s a law of the universe so that’s my favorite one as above so below and in physics and I’ll give you an example of how this is an actual thing and we’re not we think that we’re different than anything else that’s on this planet oh we’re

Unique we’re completely different we’re not like that at all As Above So Below what’s that no it’s the law it’s the law of nature it’s a law of the universe if you’ve got a warm house and a cold exterior it’s cold outside you open up the window what’d your mom say when you were younger you’re gonna let all the cold inside of the house you’re letting the heat out right she wasn’t just saying that it’s true okay the universe want

The nature wants to balance so it’s going to bring the cold in and it’s going to let the heat out literally the Heat’s heat’s not leaving but it’s gonna it’s gonna go out because it wants to create some balance because this is hot and this is cooled we want to create some Harmony here some correspondence here okay it’s the same thing with humidity right so this is the universe is always trying to balance

Things out and it will balance you out if you let it if you’ve got a problem in your life right now you got a decision that you can’t decide on what to do and you’re overthinking it and you’re up at night and you can’t sleep and you maybe you’re overeating you’re Restless you’re getting Snappy at your kids and you’re fighting with your husband because you’re really struggling with this decision that you have to make Let It Go and let the universe come in

And work with you and find the answer for you just sit there in and and deliberately say to the universe I’m going to let this go I’m going to free this up I’m not going to think about this and every time I start thinking about it I’m gonna just stop thinking about it oh here comes again stop thinking about it oh here it comes again stop thinking about it just like a conveyor belt in every box is a thought

You don’t have to open up that box and look inside of it right you don’t have to do that so you just watch it go by and then say the Universe I want you to give me a deliberate answer that I cannot deny and tell me what I need to do within the next 48 hours let me know what I need to do sometimes I don’t even say 48 Hours depending on how

How serious the question is you know if it’s like should I move to another country I’ll just let the ant let the universe give me an answer because we spend too much time controlling everything the Third Law of the universe is the law of vibration everything vibrates there was a time not too long ago and they’re just making these discoveries right now where science said that everything was 99 in

Fact 99.9 space emptiness everything my hand this computer this that this night like how is that possible right but when they broke this down and looked at tiny teeny tiny electrons and molecules there was more space than there was atoms now they’re saying that the space is constantly being used up by the molecules because the molecules

Are vibrating at such a fast pace that which they thought was quantum physics because they would see a molecule here and then disappear and the molecule would appear here so they thought that was or an atom same thing so not the same thing but and so I thought that was quantum physics but now they’re saying that this is the same atom it’s moving so fast it’s like ninja atom that we can’t even see it just move

From here to here that’s how fast it’s moving so that space is being used up by all of these atoms vibrating vibrating constantly in everything even in you so the third law is a law of vibration everything vibrates everything moves evenness yep if we put this in a microscope we will see all these little baby and Adams just going all over the place now there’s density

Right so something metal actually something like this is a lot more dense than the molecules move a bit slower and then something liquid I don’t have anything liquid but something liquid the molecules are moving a lot faster right so everything is vibrational everything and the really neat thing about that is the law of attraction like energy attracts like energy and that’s why they say if you’re negative you’re

Going to attract negativity if you’re positive you’re going to attract positivity now I beg to differ with that a little bit because it really depends on where the emotions are because emotions is where and Greg Braden talks a lot about this with heart math our emotions is what feeds glove attraction so we have to feel like we’re in love in order to get love we have to feel

Happiness in order for us to attract happiness we have to feel wealthy in order for us to attract wealth right and the only way that we can do this and I’ll tell you I ain’t got this down pat yet I’m working on it the only way that we can do this is that we feel that inside it’s an inside job that we’re happy no matter what situation that we’re in that we’re in love with life and we embrace it no matter what

Situation that we’re in that we don’t have pre that we’re not looking too much into the past or too much into the future because then we’re detached all right thinking too much in the future creates anxiety thinking in the past creates depression in most cases thinking in the moment creates nothing there’s actually a a tribe

That has no word for past or present and I don’t mean no word for the actual word passed in the actual word present they don’t have everything about do you remember yesterday when we did this what do you think we should do about tomorrow because this could be a problem because they don’t think in those terms literally okay look it up I watched a whole documentary on it it was amazing

So the next law is a law of polarity now the fourth of the seven universal law is that everything has is dual everything has polls everything has a pair of opposites opposites are identical in nature but different in degree okay so Opposites Attract so there’s the polarity that you have and this is what I tell my clients all the time when they’re struggling with a part of their personality trait and they’re like how can I stop being uh so nitpicky

How can I stop being so critical I’m so hard on myself I’m so hard on my husband how can I stop doing that I don’t want that part of my personality anymore well you can because you pull the opposite of being self-critical and hard on yourself is being an amazing Problem Solver being loyal and dedicated to be able to critique a situation and find answers and if you work in a situation where

That’s your job like in my case I’m a Virgo we’re critiquing and my job is to help people problem solve right and I’m good at it I’m really good at it but I’m also really good at cutting myself up being self-critical and critical of my people that I love on a bad day when I’m not in peace and harmony with myself okay so I can’t get rid of that because

Then I don’t have the other so it’s called misplaced not misplaced aggression it’s missed place personality trait so you recognize that this is not being critical at this time is not necessary and you just witness it well there I go being critical again right where’s the emotion coming from where is emotion coming from so that’s the law of polarity

The law of Rhythm the fifth of the seven universal laws tells us that everything flows out and everything Flows In by the way I’m getting this from mind your mind Dash your and then the stuff in between is me um so everything has Tides everything Rises and falls and you can also the law of gravity it’s the same it’s very similar right so the universal law

Means that a pendulum was swing and they’ve actually done this I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this you can look this up on YouTube as well too they can take I don’t know what they did with maybe 20 or 30 pendulums the ones that uh they make a noise when they click click click back and forth and they put them all clicking at different times so they’re all like click click click click and they’re all

Clicking at different times and when they left it for a certain amount of time they started to swing in harmony without anyone doing anything they started to click back and forth all by themselves in harmony what is that right we need to learn from that kind of stuff and that’s what we do if you’re in a negative situation if you’re at work and it’s negative and it’s hard and it’s difficult and everybody is in disharmony

And everybody is stressed out and everybody is aggressive no matter how happy you are when you walk into work you’re gonna start to swing like a pendulum into their state into their energy field it’s almost impossible not to it’s almost impossible not to right so what do you do you detach yourself you meditate you get another job but what happens we talk ourselves out

Of it can’t get another job I’m never going to get a job that pays this much money I’m never going to get it what happens if we don’t make money temporarily what’s going to happen to my family what’s going to happen with my relationship with my husband I won’t be able to give my kids the new clothes at the beginning of the year what’s going to happen we talk ourselves out of it

When in reality there’s more chances of you finding another job paying the same than there is of not finding a job paying the same and there’s in reality there’s more opportunity for you to find a job that maybe doesn’t pay as well but you’re damn a lot more happier a lot more happier maybe you downsize and you move into a new new love your neighbors who knows the universe you’re in a miserable job in the universe and you’re

Not happy and the universe is going when are you gonna quit are we gonna have to have you fired right so when you’re out of rhythm you don’t feel good you just don’t all right and if you know that when you go to work everyone’s miserable okay if you go to work and everybody’s happy and everything’s great but you’re still miserable okay that’s an inside job take it take a look inside what’s going on um but if everyone’s miserable

Something’s wrong something is completely out of sync this is not natural it’s not in rhythm with the natural law the sixth natural law and this is one of my favorite ones but it’s absolutely one of the most frustrating irritating ones is a cause is a law of cause and effect do unto others as you would want done unto you and what is frustrating for a lot of people with the cause and effect is that

We believe that we should witness that cause and effect immediately right so all those people that you met that are jerks and they’re [ __ ] and you can’t stand them and they didn’t they’ve done you wrong and they’re mean to other people and you’re wondering when are they going to get their term it’s not fair life’s not fair how come they have money and I don’t and they’re miserable and they’re

Mean you wait it happens this lifetime is but a blink of an eye we have many many many lifetimes and that person will get their due diligence and often somebody miserable and angry and bitter and mean to people I think I would I would want to live inside of that body

I would not want to be in that person’s head I would not want to be in that energy that I feel that way all the time and I make people miserable because I’m miserable so in a way you are witnessing their demise you we’re witnessing their misery you’re witnessing how uncomfortable they are but cause and effect is a real thing okay so this is in accordance of a law

That every effect you see in your outside or physical world has a very specific cause which has its origin in your inner or mental world every one of your thoughts words actions sets a specific effect in motion why because every thought goes into the universal mind every feeling goes up into that Universal field that unified field it’s a real thing okay nothing would function without that

Intelligence that’s out there that just makes things happen okay so everything has a cause and effect even in nature right so does that mean you have to walk around feeling all positive and happy and glorified all the time it has to be authentic it has to be real you can’t fake it I know they say fake it till you make it and some things you can but if you’re not happy if you’re miserable if

You’re a negative thinker if things aren’t happening you can’t that’s a red flag that is a signal that something isn’t right that something is off key I got a question from uh Karen’s I love your voice and how you explain such a calm reassurance and throw away thank you Karen thought that was a question but thank you I appreciate that I’m in gratitude for that and so see that just went to the universe thanks

Karen you just helped me send something real positive out to the universe right and I am a negative person trust me I’m a Problem Solver if there isn’t a problem to solve I’ll make a problem I saw this meme on Facebook I shared it I loved it and it said if you’re in love with an overthinker yeah that’s me if you’re in love with an overthinker and they love you back be grateful because they found every reason not to right so overthinkers but you know what

I don’t I would like to be able to to bring that down and I will I’m working on it like to bring that down but what I love about my overthinking is I’m addicted to knowledge I’m addicted to science I’m addicted to Gaia TV I’m addicted to discoveries I love the science of the mind I love it I get high off of it right I get giggly over it so I don’t

Want that to go away right the overthinking I’m working on it right and I Know It exists and I have to be aware of that and that’s the same thing with yourself if there’s something that isn’t quite clicking in your personality trait that you don’t like it’s okay just work on it it’s eventually going to go away all right just work on it witness it be aware of it sometimes don’t work on it at all

Accept yourself pamper yourself give yourself a break right we don’t live in a perfect world we would like to think that we do but we don’t and things happen the other one is a law of gender this is really neat because of where we’re in this uh liberal very free um awareness that there’s gender identifications there’s all different types of gender um not just gender but sexual sexual

Um identifications but the gender is the law so either you’re male or you’re female if you’re female and you feel like you’re more male you can make that that change and you can become male you can dress that way you can do the medical changes whatever but either way you now this is where it’s not 100 okay and it has happened in nature and there’s proof of it and it has happened in people or they are

Actually male and female there is masculine and feminine body parts within their construct and there are actual types of insects and animals that are both female and male right in fact I think there’s an insect or is it is it a a worm I think it is where it can create its own babies however that works or aches because it’s got both parts

Um but they’re still within that person are male and female masculine and feminine parts right makes the one person uh I forget what the word is but it’s you know both genders but they’re still the masculine and the female parts the difference so the I watched a huge a really good Ted

Talk if you look it up on a woman that stands up and she’s both got female male parts in her and she she’s a great great talker around that but there’s also the fact the masculine and The Feminine principles and when I look at a client’s chart and I’m looking down through the language of the universe I’m looking at you the essence of your soul the essence of who you are I can see if you’re if you’re leaning more towards a masculine or leaning more towards the feminine

Okay and one is not worse than the other we got a right side on the left side of our brain the left side of our brain is more masculine and the right side of our brain is more feminine and that yeah because the right side rules the left left side of our body that’s where all of the emotions are the artistic side of us the the intuition part is in this part of the brain that’s and that doesn’t mean that that’s where it comes from it means that’s

That’s where it visually okay that’s where it hones in that’s where it takes in the information right because this this is not this does not create things it just tells you what you see from your perspective and it lets you determine what you want to do with that okay it actually doesn’t even store memory they’ve shown now that it actually just stores Impressions uh Holograms imprints

Of what you’ve seen okay then you’ve got your subconscious mind which remembers which remembers it has an imprint of everything that you’ve seen you can walk down the street and there’s 20 cars Fiverr blue three are red there’s 400 people you’ve passed in the last hour and all the different outfits and the hats and everything this has an imprint of it all and so this universe this part of your brain the subconscious part of your

Brain has a direct connection to the universe and that’s why we can really connect to it when we meditate we’re when we’re in an alpha State beta State and When We’re Dreaming we can connect to it and I’m going to do a whole thing on dreams Monday night at nine o’clock Eastern Standard Time eight o’clock eight o’clock Eastern Standard Time here on Facebook I’m gonna do a live okay on um a free free course on dreams

And that’s at Astro Holly Hall that’s in the group only you have to be part of the private group so please spread it spread it share it with your friends okay and bring them along so the law of gender so we’ve got our feminine side and our masculine type we want that balance too and that’s our heart which is actually a brain they’ve got the proven now scientifically that the heart has the same amount of cells and neurotransmitters

In our heart as we have in our brain okay the brain is how it it’s the screen basically of the projection of your life goes on the screen that’s your brain and then it determines you as the witnessing what’s being put on the screen of your brain you determine how you want to take that in the heart the heart can really determine whether this is good or not good for you what decisions should you make how should you connect with that

That’s what the heart does the mistake that a lot of people make and I’m going to get two more laws of the universe the mistake that people make is that they think we think that our heart is our chemistry we think it’s endorphins we think it’s um oxytocin you know we think it’s all of those good feeling chemicals when you meet somebody and you get turned on you know when you see something that you

Want and it’s like I gotta make money because I want that big house I want to go on vacations all the time makes me feel good we think that’s our heart center and that’s not that’s ego and that’s desire it’s not need a heart only tells us what we need all right that one I’m working on too because I’m like way in here too much and um so there’s the and there’s the law of attraction

I was number oh sorry the law of gender was number seven okay so we did it all the law of cause and effect great so we did it all so the Law of Attraction as part of the equation is that you notice that the law of attraction is specifically mentioned as one of the seven universal laws this is not to diminish diminish its importance however careful what you wish for how many times have you done some have you wished for

Somebody something in the past or you wish for somebody in the past and you look back and go oh I’m so glad that didn’t work out so glad I didn’t end up working at that job right and sometimes we never really know so we make up a story in our head that you know if I just married that person or if I just had that job if I didn’t move my life would be so much better if I didn’t have that parent if I didn’t have that loser ex-husband I

Wouldn’t be so screwed up we make this stuff up in our head because we don’t really know we don’t know we could have been worse off it could have been the same it could have been better but you know what when we’re better we’re better when we learn from it we’re better when we know thyself and when you know thyself when you know your imperfections when you know what your weaknesses are because they are the opposite

Of what your strengths are because they are the cause or the effect of an ability that you have right when you know that you are halfway to the Finish Line more than halfway to the Finish Line because now you can work on it you can’t fake it till you make it you got to work on what you got got to be real with what you have because then you turn that

Into something that is your purpose then you make more of that into something that gives to other people right then you find happiness when we serve we find happiness and when we serve according to who we are and what our talents are and what our gifts are we find happiness what I love when I do sessions and I gotta go because I got a bunch of sessions I got

To do after this is I help you see that one hour hope you see that and then when people continue coaching with me I help keep them on track yeah that’s it I wish I had somebody like me everybody’s like must be nice to be with you some people must my husband must be so lucky to have someone like you yeah I

Don’t know right because it’s me you know you know what do they call it the um Shoemaker shoes cobbler shoes everybody’s shoes look great except for their kids you don’t have time hairdressers there don’t have time to do their own hair right so but yeah it is a gift it’s wonderful to be connected to the universe and if you follow these seven laws and I’m going to recap on them

Before I go Okay so we’ve got the law of mentalism the law of the Mind and that is that everything that you put on Project everything that’s projected to you goes onto that screen which is your mind and it’s how you have a conversation with that how you see that from your perspective at that moment the law of Correspondence okay that as below as above as above as below by

Vibration that everything is moving everything is vibration the law of polarity that is that there everything has a duel everything has an opposite pool the law of rhythm everything flows in and everything flows out also the law of cause and effect I think that’s self-explanatory the law of gender which is masculine and feminine okay not so much sexual it’s just the masculine for everything in nature has a

Masculine and a feminine everything within our bodies have a masculine and feminine our mind has a masculine and a feminine and that’s it now I like to add one which is New by uh Naseem harrisim is the Loft spin everything spins everything and you makes you think right how many of us enjoyed watching or doing it ourselves when we see kids spinning

Why do they do that they just Spin and spin and spin and spin and spin then they fall down and they laugh and they Giggle and they love it or they roll down a hill spinning why because somehow they know that this is we’re in flow when we do that and it feels good right what about the the rides that make us spin

Right so that’s that’s my eighth law The Loft spin okay everyone hopefully you’ve enjoyed this thank you Karen for your and thank you Carly and Kaya uh kayak and Laura and Dina and magic and Sean everybody all of you that have joined thank you very much namaste

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