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8 things you should do to co-create with the Universe

8 things you should do to co-create with the Universe

“We’re part of a universe that is a work in progress.” In this unfinished creation, “we are tiny patches of the universe looking at itself — and building itself.” “When we look at our lives from the viewpoint that everything is everywhere all the time, the implications are so vast that for many they’re hard to grasp.”-Gregg Braden

  1. Wish-You know the old adage ‘be careful what you Wish for’? This also applies to the Universe as well. This is not about the law of attraction, this is about knowing what you want. This is not about asking for 1 million dollars, this is about asking for what you would do with that million dollars. For example I want to open up my own healing clinic. That’s all you ask for you do not ask for I need $1 million. You ask for what you want to do with that million dollars because the universe may have many ways of how they can give you that wish.
  2. Feel it. Feel what it would be like if you had what you want. Often we want specific things so that will bring us happiness under the umbrella of happiness we may want relief from sadness. So imagine what that happiness feel like while you imagine what that happiness looks like. What would it feel like to be relieved of any anxiety sadness or grief you are wanting to escape.
  3. Heart-Now here is a secret: you have to feel it in your Heart center. Imagine that there is a glowing light or warm energy emanating from your heart center. And feel that joy and happiness not just think about it but truly feel it in your heart area. In your heart chakra.
  4. Meditate-Another way is to bring the heart centre in coherence with the brain. As you’re imagining it and feeling it in your heart centre, breathe in for five seconds breathe out for five seconds do this for three minutes while you feel the feelings of love joy and happiness in your heart.
  5. Release Blocks-Understand that often when we want specific changes in our lives the Universe will move things and shake things up that will allow you to release limiting beliefs so that you can move forward into the abundance that you are hoping for. Are you prepared for that moving and shaking? Are you willing to learn the lessons that you have to learn in order to release blocks that may be holding you back?
  6. Ask for a Message-That’s right you can ask the Universe to show you what you need to know. The message it wants you to hear. This is a great exercise that works almost every time! Ask the Universe to give you a precise sign within the next 48 hours. You can use 24 hours or 72 hours. The point is, that you want an exact Message or sign that is undeniable. Some people will see a message on a billboard or they may hear a specific song they had never heard before or have not heard in a long time. (Be sure to look up the exact words to that song guaranteed there’s more of a messaging to it than you may remember) You may see a bumper sticker or words on a license plate. A book may fall off a shelf at a store. The point is, the message is undeniably meant for you, it is very clear it’s not something you have to try to decipher or imagine that it makes sense to you. Its a clear message.
  7. Dreamland-Ask the Universe to send you messages while you sleep. Yes it’s that easy! When we are in the Beta Theta stage of our sleep the Universe and messages from the unified field is much more prevalent and available to you. Either write in a journal and or write it on a sticky note the question that you have or simply ask for a message. Close your journal and put the sticky note question underneath your pillow. Think of this question as you fall asleep. You can even imagine in your heart centre, feel it and in your mind think about it. How would this outcome feel if it were to manifest itself? Or how it would be if your question was answered the way that you would desire it to be?
  8. Dream Journals and Boards-Using all of the above you may also add a dream journal or dream board. You would add to the dream journal and the dream board what you would like to manifest. It may simply be happiness. Or abundance. Or greater . Or a happier relationship. You can cut out pictures from a magazine you can draw your own pictures and you can write your own story.

“Man did not weave the web of life — he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”1”
Gregg Braden, The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief

My book- 101 Answers from the Universe may help you see more how the Universe or the unified field provides.



Holly Hall
Holly Hall

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