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A Star’s Story

A Star’s Story

A lesson on Self Love

“HELLO?” said a voice

“Um hi?” said a Star

Who are you? said a voice

‘I am a Star.’

‘What do you do?’ said a voice

‘Well…. um, I shine.’

‘How do you do that??’ said a voice.

‘I just be me’ said the Star.

“What do you mean, be you?” said a voice.

‘ I’m a Star, Stars shine, therefore I do what I do, I SHINE!’ The Star is now becoming very confused by all these questions.

‘Who do you shine for?’

‘Oh trillions of living creatures and trillions of life source, like land, water and people too!’ said the Star.

‘WOW, you are popular!’

‘Oh, thank you! Well, there are trillions upon trillions of us!’’

‘Really? Why so many!?’ said the voice

The Star replied ‘We are only seen and shine best when there are many of us.’

‘Let me get this straight, said the voice.

*you are a Star

*you shine

*by being you, a Star.

*and you are seen by everyone and everything

*becasue there are many of you

‘YUP, you got it!’ said the Star

‘And you do this shining stuff, why??’

The Star thought for just a moment, again confused by yet an added question! ‘Because it is who I am, it’s what I do. Because I can.’ The Star proudly replied.

‘And when do you do this ‘Shining’?’ said the voice.

The Star loved this question! ‘Oh we do this all the time! 24/7. Although we are only truly seen at night, when it is dark. That is when we shine best!’

‘Yet even if you cannot see us, know, we are always there! Shining, like a Star, cause it is who we are!’ And then the Star left.

The voice pondered on this for a while, as the Star went off to shine…

Are we not all Stars? If only we could simply be who we are. And then, and only then, can we shine and be seen.

And recognize we are not alone… Even in the dark.



Holly Hall
Holly Hall

Master Astrologer Clairvoyant, NLP, HYP, LIFE COACH-Cosmologist

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