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Age of Aquarious?

Age of Aquarious?

What does the solar eclipse this week, the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, and the age of Aquarius mean for us as humanity? I will have a bit of a different take than what most of the experts have because of my clairvoyance which will be weaved within this. ❤

First of all I am learning that a lot of my global predictions are approximately a month delay since Covid. As for my prediction around the unrest in the United States, remember I’m in Canada, around the elections was not correct. But here we are a month later and the unrest begins as shared by Marianne Williamson. Even the comments on her post were she asks people to pray was also unrest.

SOLAR ECLIPSES- Throughout the week of December 13th we will begin to take a serious look at our future because of the unrest throughout the week. Is it important for you to NOT fight for what you believe in if it’s going to hurt other people? Does it really make a difference to fight against what’s wrong, Instead of using that energy to create what is right? This will be the questions you want to ask yourself during this solar eclipse WEEK. Because this is about YOUR truth. This is about your belief and this is about your philosophy. And it is not for you to preach OR force your opinions on others but it is your responsibility to represent your philosophy and your beliefs by what your actions are and what your reactions are as well. This is what will make a difference.

PLANETARY CONJUNCTION-After December 21 when two planets move from Capricorn to Aquarius we’re going to see that we will go against our government bodies which are many; such as educational, pharmaceutical, government, agricultural etc. The beginning of many movements, as you know I protect the Rise of the Wise women, 80% consumers-we have a great power- this movement is in February 2021. As everything that we will be going through Is to curb our appetite for consumerism. It doesn’t mean that we cannot live in the lap of luxury but how do we do that? Who has to suffer? What has to suffer? What life is compromised on all levels? So that we can remain blind? Although learning this is as simple as googling it many of us keep the blinders on, we really do not want to know. 😔Therefore after December 21 there will be movements that will make it so obvious that you would be somewhat of a misfit or an outsider if you are not in the ‘know’? Of course this is going to bring up a lot of conspiracy theories, and many of them are actually created by these governing bodies. But find the ones that you believe in and don’t go down the rabbit hole. Do your research and then find the ones that you believe in and stick to them for your truth. Most of all, know who you are! The good sides and the difficult side, challenges, the weakness and the strength’s. And always remember this is one truth I stand by your weakness in your strengths are one in the same they are simply missed placed or navigational tools to show you that you need to be on a different path. This is how you can navigate the truths. And then as mentioned above do not force this on others unless you are asked. (accept for the ambassadors of ‘change’-another story 🙂 ) However, you can silently become a testimonial towards the positive by being living proof of your truth. 🙏Action speaks louder than words🙏. Many of you of course follow the work of Dr. Shefali and she is definitely one reliable source! The other ones that I like are those Of the hard sciences and have done an enormous amount of research and those are Zach bush, Greg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Joe dispenza, if you want to know about relationships I like Esther Perell, and Helen Fisher. TED talks are great resources. Love all of you~your Soul Researcher-



Holly Hall
Holly Hall

Master Astrologer Clairvoyant, NLP, HYP, LIFE COACH-Cosmologist

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