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Mercury retrograde can affect people differently depending on their sun sign. When Mercury is retrograde in Leo, which is a fire sign known for its bold and expressive nature, it tends to influence communication, creativity, and self-expression. It lats til mid Sept how ever it is in the shadow til Oct 3. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND […]

The Meaning of You — The Pursuit of Happiness

The Meaning of You — The Pursuit of Happiness Holly Hall is The Clairvoyant Coach. Her book was downloaded to her in a Q and A fashion from Source, Unifed field, the Conscious Universe. Q.42. What is the meaning of me? The meaning of you has no meaning. The word meaning means “implied or explicit significance, important […]

Meditating vs Daydreaming

Meditating vs Daydreaming When I was 6 years old maybe even 5, I started to meditate. When I was 8 years old maybe 7 my report cards would have the same comments, year after year after year, even up to the age of 14 and Beyond. “ Holly is a good student but she Daydreams […]

The Curse of an Empath

The Curse of an Empath Have others said you are too sensitive? Often feel moody? More often than not you have gut feelings, that later you wished you followed? Do you have panic attacks, anxiety, depression, water weight gain, loneliness and sadness for no reason? Then you are most likely an empath. Are you shy, creative, […]


Fathers Father’s Day… For many people this is the day of gratitude for they remember the day they became a father for the first time. For others it is an unexpected day, it was not planned, as they have the honour to be a stepfather. And yet for others this is bittersweet because it is […]

The Fairy Tale Love-the Truth Revealed!

Happily ever After?! The Fairy Tale Love-the Truth Revealed! TRUTHRelationships are complicated, no one said it would be easy. Wait a minute! Yes, they did, cartoons, fairy tales, movies, poetry, books, its in the stores, in holidays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas. Not to mention social media! Plus everything about our society says that relationships are the cure […]


The question begs an answer; Are we vicariously living through our children? And is it harming them or helping them to evolve? STAR CHILDREN The Millennials (and some pre-Millennia’s- 1995 plus) Enter into this world from a unique set of parents. Parents that; Want to be 100% present for their kids, as well as work, have […]

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