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5 Ancient Techniques to Calm Emotions

The 5 Secrets of Stoism In the theater of life, emotions play the lead role, often guiding our actions and dictating our happiness, but what if we had a script to help us? Master those emotions, ensuring they uplift rather than rule us. Welcome to the world of stoicism, an ancient philosophy rich with techniques […]

The Martyr Manipulation

The Martyr Manipulation We all know who they are, you may even be one. In fact, from time to time we have all worn the cloak of the Martyr. But wait?! A Martyr is defined as a Hero in the dictionary?! Furthermore it is written: A religious person who refuses to deny his religion and […]

The Practice of Unconditional Love

My journey in practicing non-attached love has been an eye-opening, transformative experience. It began with a realization that true love goes beyond possession and control, and it involves embracing the freedom and autonomy of both myself and my partner. I embarked on this path daily, and I have to confront my own insecurities and fears […]

Why your Present is your Past and Future

Why your Present is your Past and Future What is the difference between PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE? Why are there even these three words, when in spirituality and self-help others teach us to live in the present!? It is challenging to comprehend that our history is in the present, in the now, soon this reading of […]


DOWNLOAD: THE FUTURE OF MONEY DOWNLOAD: THE FUTURE OF MONEY- I have been holding on to this for some time now, here is my financial prediction for the future. It will come in three parts. The TRADITIONAL Banking system: They are gaining billions of dollars from us. Several will continue to use the traditional system, spending […]

Do we have more than one Soul?

Do we have more than one Soul? The messages that I have received from source or spirit or downloads whatever you wanna call it is that we all are fragments of a ‘one soul’. Consequently, look at it as a body of water in that same ocean. And the ocean is comprised of an infinite number […]

Why Emotions mess with us!

Why Emotions mess with us! Emotions are a human’s capacity that sets us apart from other living things. They are often seen as a hindrance in the modern society, but nowadays they may be a necessity for survival. What is intuition? It is one of the most important skills of an artist, scientist or any person […]

EARTH-How to find Happiness.

EARTH-How to find Happiness. We are bewildered at how you will spend billions and trillions of dollars to save humans when the earth has been plagued for centuries. Silently destroying your right to a healthy harmonized existence. Humans will contribute billions and trillions of dollars to slaughter the planet Earth. Spending billions and trillions of […]

5 Basic Soul Species

5 Basic Soul Species There are 5 basic Soul Species (source tells me) all as powerful and necessary as the others. Which one are you more like? 1. BE- These souls live for now, be as they are, humanness is their home. Eat, Breath, work, be as happy as can be with simple living. Learning to […]

12 step program for Conscious Living

12 step program for Conscious Living In light of a podcast where I heard Dr. Gabor Maté, a doctor and an author and an in-demand public speaker, state that everything is an addiction and the 12 step program could serve everyone in various ways. I revised this 12 step to reveal a more soulful approach […]

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