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Develop Intelligent Intuition

Develop Intelligent Intuition

This is how I have developed intuition that has landed me 100s of clients in my coaching practice.

Intuition Is The Highest Form Of Intelligence.

Although paraphrased a bit, Albert Einstein has been widely quoted as saying, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Intuition appears from various parts of the human body. It is a broadcast that is transmitted from source. Your body/mind is the receptor or receiver.‘Source’ has many platforms.

  1. Nature- The external environment can broadcast to humans numerous conditions, such as fear or danger, this is likewise where animals are able to use their intuition; AKA instinct.
  2. Body-Your physical body may also transfer out signals with which one can navigate ones existence. Through understanding your body language and what it is trying to tell you.
  3. The energy body- Additionally known as Chakras or portals. A discernment of feeling uncomfortable or stagnated, a reduction of energy is another way intuition can broadcast to you through your chakras. Such as a throat chakra may cause you to feel like you have to clear your throat all the time, difficulty in communicating or even picking up a throat infection.
  4. Mind- Your mind can pick up thoughts, pictures end Cipher feelings that intuitively assist you to operate one’s life. One needs to be careful though that this can also have you create scenarios that are not true nor accurate. This is where the ‘intelligence’ part comes in.

These are just a few examples we welcome you to add more examples after this article.

How does one know if one has an intelligent intuition?

You question everything! You no longer feel satisfied with an answer until there are no more questions. You have come to a completion, and you have your answer to whether your intuition is accurate or not. However, there is somewhat of a trick here, as time goes on your precision will develop and that is because you will revisit the situation and perhaps discover deeper questions.

How does one develop an intelligent intuition?

You question everything! Always. And then listen to your body language. As a test, you can tell yourself that your name is something that it is not. As an example, say my name is Mary when in actuality your name is Sophia. Now you know that you’re telling yourself a lie and this is not a truth. therefore when you lie to yourself where do you feel it in your body? is it in your digestion area, or maybe the stomach, or possibly the chest or throat. Some people may even feel it in their head. What illnesses or disorders do you have? Do you frequently have headaches? Sinus infections? Gas or bloating? Pain in the sciatic or hip area? Often these are your body’s indicators that you are encountering stress. Stress may be as simple as deciding whether to attend a gathering on the weekend or a major decision on whether you might get married or divorced. This is intelligent intuition if you pay attention to it.

Remember as mentioned earlier, as time goes on your accuracy will improve and that is because you will revisit the situation and possibly discover more profound questions. This does not imply that you were right, wrong, good, or bad, it simply suggests that your mind remains expanded to see more perspectives and phases of the same situation, therefore more questions will arise until you feel settled at an answer again. This is an ongoing sequence,it is never-ending furthermore you can embrace this with the curiosity and excitement of a child or you can embrace this with exhaustion and impatience. That is your choice. That is free will.

Moreover, your intuition may speak to you when you’re not yet asking questions. Once you have developed this and it has become second nature, you will receive body, mind and other signals that something is amiss. Then ask questions or simply observe yourself until you have the awareness you need. This can take hours or even months.

Accepting that this is an ongoing process, is intelligent. Practicing it moment by moment is intelligence. All of this leads to expanding your connection with energy, source including your higher self.



Holly Hall
Holly Hall

Master Astrologer Clairvoyant, NLP, HYP, LIFE COACH-Cosmologist

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