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DOWNLOAD: THE FUTURE OF MONEY- I have been holding on to this for some time now, here is my financial prediction for the future. It will come in three parts.

The TRADITIONAL Banking system: They are gaining billions of dollars from us. Several will continue to use the traditional system, spending your invisible money that the bank holds for you and charges a fee or interest to spend that invisible money. When you want to obtain a loan, they will deliver invisible money into your credit card, your bank or the owner of what you have purchased.

For example, there are 17 million RBC clients in Canada, at $16 a month in banking fees RBC is making almost a 1/a quarter of a billion dollars a month.

Sorry but this doesn’t quite work for me. Get me out of the matrix!!

CRYPTO-currency — the video below has already validated what I know about cryptocurrency, that I shared with a couple of clients a few months ago. It was more of a remote viewing because it already happened and that is validating. Every cryptocurrency has good intentions, to become hat one financial source that steps outside of the matrix. However, it continues to remain infiltrated and controlled with greed and taken over, again and again. And then you’re back at remaining engulfed in by the same game that traditional currency already performs very well.

ENERGY- This one will be hard to explain. Many of you know that I received downloads, I called them impressions, which is very difficult to describe. So I have to backpedal, deconstruct it and then translate it in order for my clients or my readers to digest it. So here goes.

This may exist already or it may be in the making; this I do not know. I have been validated by a couple of people that it is in the making. The best I can describe this is energy currency, I don’t even like using the word currency because that’s not what it is; It is not tangible in any way, nor can it be tucked away in the cloud or inside the Internet world. The best way to explain it, it’s like a thought. You know what your thought is, you know what you do to take action on your thoughts and you can hold onto your thoughts and they remain that thought until you share it with somebody else. So nobody knows what your thought is. Even that doesn’t make sense. However, it is how it was explained to me energetically. The other point is that any products or services, businesses, even healthcare has to work only within that currency in order for the exchange of sorts to exist. In a utopian world it’s something similar to; a small village, there is a banker, a baker, a restaurant, a doctor, a dentist, a hairdresser a store with goods, and a farm with food, as long as we belong to that tribe, we can all use each other services. So it’s quite an exclusive energy. If you have any questions, ask away I’ll see what else expands from this download.

Which one do you want to belong to?

Interested in reading your thoughts or any insight that you have around this or your experience. Please feel free to share



Holly Hall
Holly Hall

Master Astrologer Clairvoyant, NLP, HYP, LIFE COACH-Cosmologist

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