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Father’s Day…

For many people this is the day of gratitude for they remember the day they became a father for the first time. For others it is an unexpected day, it was not planned, as they have the honour to be a stepfather. And yet for others this is bittersweet because it is engraved in our hearts and soul as we recall memories that conjure up feelings, some of these feelings are love, honour, safety. Some of these feelings are loss, anger, frustration, confusion and regret.

For many, depending on the father that you had, most likely will determine the kind of love that you look for as an adult. This person will be exactly like your dad or the exact opposite according to how you filter your childhood as an adult. Depending on how you want to rewrite your story. In an attempt to heal yourself. You as a father or the “father” of your children may also be exactly like your dad, or his dad. Sit with that. Accept that.

On a spiritual level, the father is a distinct energy, it represents the savior, protection, safety, advisor, authority and someone that we can look up to. Who would love us unconditionally and love our other parent unconditionally, creating a unified collective, familiar and comforting space inside our hearts.

On a spiritual level this is what the archetype of the father represents in which we have to develop within ourselves. Of course the mother, the brother, the sister, teacher, the boss, the grandparents, they’re all archetypes and we believe that they hold power, to be all that is written above, and if ‘successful’, then we are artificially protected, safe and advised.

On a universal level, if you have a parent, especially a father in this case, that has not lived up to this expectation, it is not a sign that you have lost anything, it is a sign you have not found this within yourself.

On a spiritual level, please take note of the word ‘found’ it means it is there, it is everywhere, just missed, missing, and hidden.

As a spiritual advisor with a close connection to the universal mind (as we all are), I sometimes find it surprising that we put such expectations on the people that represent the archetypes, that are within us, such as our fathers and our mothers, our siblings, our partners and even our own children.

My relationship with my father was not perfect, in fact he was relatively unavailable, for most of my teenage life, until I was a young adult. My relationship with my mother is now estranged and lost. My relationship with my daughter’s biological father was a tragedy, a story I wrote that was not played out. And yet I have a clear understanding that they are living the lives that they are supposed to be living and there is some sort of karmic exchange here, that I may or may not understand. I respect that and I still harvest love when I can, as often as I can. I have a detached understanding. I have found a few people who represent the archetype of the father (including my now husband, my daughter calls dad) because I knew what it represented and it was/is in me. I know how to protect myself, I know how to keep myself safe, I know how to give myself advice, and when I cannot, I know that somewhere somehow it will come to me.


Often when I have karmic sessions with my clients and I’m reading into the archetypes in their soul chart, I can see their father as clear as day. I can see why they were born to their father, what their past lives were and what the karmic lessons are, and the healing that needs to be achieved in this lifetime. From personal experience, I understand that this healing can be done with or without the person’s support or existence. If you have an existing relationship with your father and there is not a clear understanding to why you feel stuck and why you still feel hurt, why you cannot heal or get past it; this is a pretty clear sign that it is karmic and you do not fully understand the entire story. Therefore I suggest that you surrender . Everyone’s story is just as important as everyone story.

I love how I can help people understand the motives of the characters behind the story. On this Father’s Day whether this is bitter or sweet or a bit of both I sent you the archetype of the father, accept this energy and let it begin to protect you.




Holly Hall
Holly Hall

Master Astrologer Clairvoyant, NLP, HYP, LIFE COACH-Cosmologist

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