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I asked the Universe “What is Love?”. You will not believe the answer that I received!

I asked the Universe “What is Love?”. You will not believe the answer that I received!

What is love? I asked the Universe. You will not believe the answer that I received!

Yes I was shocked as well, unimaginable and yet it makes so much sense. So unreal and yet I questioned myself. Why did I not always understand this? And then I immediately thought, I do recognize this, it’s really quite simple, Are you ready to hear the answer?

What is love

First of all I need to tell you my reaction. I was like, ‘what the…’ and, that’s just too simple! What the heck does that mean?

Okay I get it now…

Hence the answer that I received was short and simple, though the emotions in ‘The Knowing’ around it is enormously complex. My ‘downloads’ that I experience are sometimes simple sentences, still locked in that simple sentence, like an apple seed lies the complete tree. All the trunk, branches, leaves, all of the blossoms and apples, all in one tiny seed. The life essence locked in that short message I receive.

Let us unpack the Appleseed shall we? Let’s find that tree of apples.

Consequently within the Appleseed was the message and the answer to what is love: and the universe replied.

“Love is the thread that connects everything, absolutely everything and everyone.’

That seems outrageously simple does it not? Are you picturing a tenuous thread that would come from a spool connecting everything, like I did? Although suddenly I understood more. I perceived the essence of the appleseed and what it would become. Such completeness of the tree locked within that appleseed that’s when I gained the real message within the feeling throughout it.

I’ll let you know of the feeling soon.

Thus the depth of the message that I received was the Sun, the flowers, the rain. the soil, the roots that absorb the mist, the wildflowers including the leaves in the trees that absorb the nutrition of a sun. The fish in the ocean and the ocean around the fish! The sky, the ground plus the oxygen that we breathe. The Earth’s heartbeat. Person-to-person, animal to animal, animal to person, tree to tree, grass blade to grass blade. Everything necessitates everything. Everything relies upon everything and what unites that everything to everyone and everyone to everything? What designs that channel? Flow and kinship is the essence. The energy of L O V E.

Once we recognize that love is constantly flowing, steadily, like an electrical current, similar to the air that we breathe, we will identify, it is not bounded within us and it’s not external.

It just is. ❤

Ps the feeling was ‘love’



Holly Hall
Holly Hall

Master Astrologer Clairvoyant, NLP, HYP, LIFE COACH-Cosmologist

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