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Imagine you are Invisible like Air

Imagine you are Invisible like Air

Imagine that you are air. You are invisible. People know that you are present, still, they cannot see you. Without you, they would not survive. And yet to them, to others, animals, plants, people, ALL life exists because of you! No one can see you, feel you, unless you move, nor smell you or taste you. You are transparent and still, you will live forever.

Now imagine you are air, in an unhealthy environment. You are dark, seen as you are tainted with pollutants and debris. Not by your doing, although by others. Their greed, ignorance, desires, and falsehoods have damaged the quality of who you are. Now you also have a smell, perhaps a taste, however, it is not pleasant. This creates difficulty for others and all life to be amidst you. Difficulty in breathing, making others sick, rather all life to wilt and weaken.

Now envision all life approaches you hoping to clean you, purify you and heal you. Thus restoring life itself as well. Repairing them. Collectively. Plants grow stronger and in abundance providing even more added healing for you, ‘Air’. The oceans are clean and full of all life, as the salty oceans can serve as powerful ‘green’ lungs for cleansing any amount of air pollution. Although you are now becoming more invisible you truly feel more seen, infinite, needed, and valuable, for who you really are, of what you actually are capable of being!

Now every living thing needs you, you exist and make up each living thing. You are them and they are you!



Holly Hall
Holly Hall

Master Astrologer Clairvoyant, NLP, HYP, LIFE COACH-Cosmologist

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