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Soul Astrology & Free Will

Many people do not understand astrology they think it’s about predictions fate, destiny, something that is completely out of their control. I would like to give you a little quick lesson 

on astrology. 

Among Indo-European peoples, astrology has been dated to the 3rd millennium BC, with roots in calendrical systems used to predict seasonal shifts and to interpret celestial cycles as signs of divine communications.Until the 17th century, astrology was considered a 

scholarly tradition, and it helped drive the development of astronomy. It was commonly accepted in political and cultural circles, and some of its concepts were used in other traditional studies, such as alchemy, meteorology and medicine. It was regular mass media that popularized for the consumer’s astrology do newspapers in horoscopes and products in the 20th century. Astrology is a search for human

 meaning in Sky it seeks to understand General and specific human behavior through the reflection of the planets other celestial 



The one thing I like to 

express to people is that the stars do not gove


rn who you are. You are not fated or destined or cursed because you are born under a certain Celestial sky. Have you ever played cards? Imagine that you’re playing a game of cards and you’re allowed to have several cards let’s say I will give you 10. Now according to the game and your interpretation of the rules you may feel that some of your cards are quite good and some of them are not. According to your subjective observation, you can turn in some of your cards at a given time to collect new ones or, you can also bluff. Either way you will play your cards according to your own instinct and knowledge in order to win the game. Now of course you don’t have a choice of the cards that you have been given, nor the choice of the new ones you may pick up. However you do have complete free will on how you play those cards that are in your hand. It is very well known, that a good player can win a game with any cards in his hand. The choice is yours.

My favourite aspect in astrology is the fact that I can see into the depths of your soul simply by looking at the chart. The chart is the map of the sky the day, the place and the moment you were born. I strongly believe in past lives as the Buddhist do, and Hindus and there is now some scientific evidence, geological discoveries and documentation that could prove this valid. Therefore knowing your path and healing your soul in order to evolve is important.

Many of us live our day-to-day lives wondering; who we are, why are we here, what are we supposed to do?

  • Why was I born in this country, to these parents, with these ailments?
  • Why am I so sensitive, how come I get so angry.
  • Or why I am impatience?
  • What do I do with my creativity? How can I develop my intuition?

Astrology can answer all of these questions and more. It can guide you towards the best career the most loving relationships and Better Health. In fact if you coach with a good astrologer for long enough, you will develop the skills to find your own answers. This in fact will speed up and become the catalyst towards your development and evolution in your life. You see, we are born for specific reasons; to heal, to develop, and as mentioned above to evolve. My mission, my destiny, as an astrologer is to help guide my clients and help navigate them rough predicted timelines, according to their map throughout their life.

  • Did you know that you have several layers to your personality?
  • Do you know exactly what they are?
  • And did you know that many of them are one in the same?

For example: In certain situations, a tenacious, persistent, strong driven person can also be impatient, intolerable, irritable and anxious? This polarization can happen for several reasons. For example, you may be going through a difficult time in your life and therefore you are not expressing the best side of who you are. You may be simply having a bad day. You may not be feeling well, or you may not have completely healed from a difficult childhood and it is challenging for you to express your best side.

Another example: Lets say someone is easy to get along with, they are understanding, forgiving and helpful. However on the flip side, they could also be non-confrontational, therefore allowing others to walk all over them. This is usually someone with a strong Libra influence- difficulty making choices and not wanting to deal with problems.

Every celestial object and its interactions with each other (it is actually a mathematical equation), represents a different aspect of your personality, of your souls incarnation. I always tell my clients your soul chart, your Celestial chart, your star chart, these are all the same, basically the map of the sky the moment you were born, is a mirror of who you already are. For example; if you put on a red dress and stand in front of your bedroom mirror does your bedroom mirror make you wear that red dress? Is it because of the mirror that you are wearing a red dress? Absolutely not. It is simply ‘mirroring’ the fact that you put on a red dress. Thats what astrology is.

Here is a brief explanation.

The Sun- This represents the personality traits and characteristics that you are here to learn in this lifetime, to develop, to enhance and embrace. This also represents your father.

The Moon- This represents your emotional side how you deal with your feelings on a day-to-day basis and what your personal needs are can also represent your mother and your childhood and your past life.

Mercury- This expresses how you think , how you communicate, how you understand the communication of others, what you like to learn, how you learn, and how your mind works. It can also express whether you are a writer, a speaker, an author, a teacher etc. it can express any difficulties or challenges in communication and whether you were heard or understood as a child.

Venus- The planet of love. This expresses how you love, why you love, what you give when in Love. How you Love yourself. Also how you express your love in the world, your personal interest, what you like and don’t like and of course your personal intimate relationships.

Mars-Now when you decide what you love and who you love and how you love yourself Mars expresses how you go about getting that. What actions do you take. it also expresses how you take action towards your career. and it also expresses your passion and how you deal with anger and frustration.

Those are what are called the personal planets now these are the outer planets this is how you express yourself out into the world.

Jupiter- This is the planet of expansion, how you evolve, your belief system. It’s also the planet of Good Fortune.

Saturn- This planet gets a bad rap, because it is connect to hardship, difficulties and lessons that we learn. How we block ourselves or hold ourselves back. It represents the authoritarian and the teacher. So when you want to release blocks that are holding you back, Saturn will do this for you or at least it represents opportunities for this.

Uranus-You’re unique individual expression of who you are. Your need for freedom. Your hopes, and your dreams. The friends that you like to hang out with. And when I’m looking at predictions, it shows me sudden opportunities, or stresses and anxieties.

Neptune- Your psychic intuitive abilities. Your creative side. The right side of your brain. It can sho if there is confusion and loss. Misunderstandings. But it is also where we dream and is our mystical side Etc.

Pluto- Past lives. Intensity within us and how we express that to the world. Our mothering nature. If we have past lives with her mother. Where/how we should heal ourselves.

Well hopefully I have not overwhelmed you, because this is basically the tip of the iceberg! All of this brings out an intuition and often a psychic ability as well as messages from Spirit, I have never experienced before. I hope this has helped you understand astrology and my work.


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Holly Hall
Holly Hall

Master Astrologer Clairvoyant, NLP, HYP, LIFE COACH-Cosmologist

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