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Meditating vs Daydreaming

Meditating vs Daydreaming

When I was 6 years old maybe even 5, I started to meditate.

When I was 8 years old maybe 7 my report cards would have the same comments, year after year after year, even up to the age of 14 and Beyond.

“ Holly is a good student but she Daydreams too much.”

They might have called it daydreaming, but now I know I was meditating. I was manifesting! Seeing and creating my future. And when that future didn’t turn out as I wanted it to, even though I meditated it on, such as, I didn’t end up getting the attention that I wanted ( I was teased and bullied)or I dreamed of going to the Fair, and it rained that day, and we didn’t go, nevertheless, I would continue to daydream hour after hour, day after day.

Maybe you are a teacher, you are a parent, or a caregiver. If you have witnessed your child ‘zoning out’, not really paying attention, and daydreaming, ask them ‘ hey when you’re finished meditating, I would like to speak with you or would like to answer a question or when you are finished could you do some reading’?

You see, we do not have to teach our kids to meditate, especially if they are shy, passive and creative. They do this very well on their own. Yet often we reprimand them for not “paying attention.”

Therefore, I propose to the teachers now and to my teachers way back then, would you change the comments on the report card to:

“ Holly is a good student and she meditates a lot.” A+





Holly Hall
Holly Hall

Master Astrologer Clairvoyant, NLP, HYP, LIFE COACH-Cosmologist

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