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Reviews From Real Clients

My clients love working with me, just read what they have to say!

Holly is an amazing reader. Holly helps you to understand parts of yourself and others with such precision it’s unreal . She shows you’re where your ego is holding you back and encourages you to take the leap when it’s right for you. So if you are interested in growing and self-development her readings are fab for that! She is able to tell you where your life purpose is and is very very supportive! Thinking of booking – defo do it you won’t regret it! Thank you, Holly!



I have been working with Holly for well over a year now.  Holly not only brings her astrological and intuitive gifts into our sessions, but also her loving compassion and wisdom.  She has a multitude of gifts in her toolbox which have helped me thru some of the most difficult challenges of my life.  You will not be disappointed!

Darcel D.


Holly has been such a blessing in my life as she has had many sessions to help bring clarity and guidance into my life. Her readings are not only accurate but also healing and strengthening in some of the most challenging times in my life. Giving her a chance is highly recommended, so if you are considering her as a guide or for clarity and a deeper understanding of yourself and how to move forward do not hesitate. Love you Holly Hall! ❤️

Candace M.


Holly, it never ceases to amaze me how scary accurate you are.  Also when you bring up things I have never shared with you that I have been considering, it kind of blows my mind.  I watched one of your readings bring solace to a friend who had been haunted by circumstance so wherever the downloads come from, I trust them and thank you for the affirmation.

Kim D.


I have had multiple sessions with HollyHall Intuitive LifeCoach. She played a critical role during a difficult time in my personal life. Her guidance, authenticity, and perspective helped me navigate some challenging and painful moments. I greatly respect her work and she is fantastic!! I would highly recommend her services 🙂

Ratha R.


Holly was fantastic. Highly accurate and spot on. She clearly mentioned all the themes for me and identified and explained everything in a detailed manner. I would absolutely recommend her services to those seeking answers.

Samaira A.


I have never experienced anything like this!!  I would highly recommend booking a session with Holly. She was spot on, and I felt such support and an expanded trust in myself and the universe. Thank you for bringing your gifts out into the world🙏

Linda N.


I had my first reading with Holly yesterday. she was spot on about everything. She helped me so much in one phone call. One of the things that I loved about her was that you felt like you were on the phone with a friend not someone that was just telling you about your life and your loved ones. She connects to you and I felt connected to her. She is amazing!

Carrie F.


What a brilliant session! Holly has an amazing ability to read and interpret my life. Her insights were spot on and she gave me some wonderful ideas on how to move forward. Holly also gave me some valuable and important tips on family relationships. I look forward to working with her again.

Elizabeth S.


I had a mini reading with Holly…and I felt like she was in the room with me!! It was a great reading….made me want more !  Thank you Holly, for your insights!! Namaste. 🙏❤️

Jane H.


I highly recommend Holly! She is a gifted gem and helped me SO MUCH already. I will be back for more sessions for sure! It has only been a few days since our session and while committed to my path, doing my homework, and taking new action, I can already feel things shifting. I was really seeking guidance from someone who understood me because I felt confused and stuck and Holly was capable of providing that. The insights and wisdom she shares is highly valuable!

Pippa M.


Holly is truly amazing she has helped me so much in a short period of time. Can’t say enough about her

Hank M.


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