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The Great Divide-is it the original pandemic?

The Great Divide-is it the original pandemic?

The entire galaxy including the universe, plus all of its energy; masculine and feminine, below and above, inside and out, remains in the midst of a great shift. Dissolution of the old, rebirth of the new. During this Universal Ascension and transformation, there will also be a divide. This divide will be constructing one energy field plus a second energy field. Similar to the divide of a cell, as in an embryo: called cell division. We are comfortable with this formula or explanation so that humans can understand that even though there is a divide you are conceiving minicells that will construct itself into a living organism, much like a human being. You are all one, you always have been. It’s also stripping the wheat from the chaff so to speak. There is an imbalance and from the ashes must rise the phoenix. In this case, two risings that complement one another, similar to the symbol of yin and yang.

Life must change on earth as it reflects a galactic shift.

We understand this may not be a popular announcement however, there are constant polar counterparts to all that is energy, and since everything is energy, everything has its yin to its yang. Presently there is positive and there is negative. The distribution of this energy is always at your disposal, it’s for the human to accept and identify through conscious choices where they want to be at that given moment. However, it is very much out of balance now. As neither is comfortable and neither will satisfy desire.

As you ascend toward the knowing of your Dharma and reset your karma within your experience as a human, your desire for comfort and satisfaction will dissolve, making it easier for you to live in the energy feild that you choose. This choice is not an absolute nor is it an overnight decision, it is within the choices you make that will navigate you on the map within the territory. As humans, you are collectively making monumental decisions now.

We encourage you to be extremely careful whence your desire to survive. Believing that one place or one choice is more beneficial than the other. This is where the Great Divide happens. Yet this is where the Great Divide can take longer to achieve, as humans fight against each other in a panic, believing that one way is better than the other. As you fight for ‘survival’ you may very well drive each other to extinction. Not due to one’s ‘choice’, however, it’s due to a fear-based mentality, as you will command others to take your position, and you will control others with judgment and shame. This alone can destroy your planet and all living creatures, as humans assume that it is more important for their own individual survival and disregard the need for a ‘duality perspective’.

The destruction of the old is necessary, a New Earth will begin as long as most have the understanding that this fear-based survival tactic will actually create your demise, not protect you. Consequently, before you judge another for their preference and shame them into believing that choosing ‘your way’ or your ‘tribes way’ is what will ‘guarantee’ ones survival, remember that their choice is also a part of your survival and that your choice is a part of theirs. Regardless of how you judge the needs of others, it is in this judgment that poor decisions will be made.

Honoring all choices as a collective is necessary, yet a fine threadlike enigma does exist and that is the elite 1%, However, with conscious intelligence, the 99% can reverse this governing existence.

Work together and be escorted only through love.

‘The Universe-The Collective’

Holly Hall, highly endorsed by Oprah’s leading psychologist Dr Shefali, is a Master Lifecoach, using Astrology, Psychology and clairvoyance.

She ‘downloads’ her knowledge in her writings. — more downloads in her book below:



Holly Hall
Holly Hall

Master Astrologer Clairvoyant, NLP, HYP, LIFE COACH-Cosmologist

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