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The Meaning of You — The Pursuit of Happiness

The Meaning of You
 — The Pursuit of Happiness

Holly Hall is The Clairvoyant Coach. Her book was downloaded to her in a Q and A fashion from Source, Unifed field, the Conscious Universe.

Q.42. What is the meaning of me?

The meaning of you has no meaning. The word meaning means “implied or explicit significance, important or worthwhile quality; or purpose.” You are not meant to be, or meant to have a reason to be. You just are. The difficulty lies when people look too hard for meaning; the meaning of the stars, planets, nature, or people, etc. You see, it can be well intended to look for meaning, to educate oneself, enlighten and to understand; all of this can promote healing. And yet at the same time, it is not necessary, as healing can also come from silence and meditation.

In this way, the meaning or education comes naturally. It comes from Source. Humans can often complicate things, only to find out how simple it is.

To add to this, the meaning of you is not just you; it is the meaning of them, it is the meaning of others, it is the meaning of everything. You are them and they are you. The only time that there is a meaning of you is when you contribute to being part of them (others), in serving others and helping them, in healing them. All of you have a gift and all of you can develop thismore as you evolve, and this can only happen when you know thy self! Often, the weakness is the gift. For example, you may be short-tempered, eager, argumentative, and impatient; this can be useful in becoming an activist, standing up for a cause, or fighting for the rights of others! How you use this is up to you.

The true question here is, do you feel meaningless if you have no meaning? Because we are telling you that is far from the truth.

Example: You are a writer, a craftsperson, a cook, an artist. Imagine you are, if you are not. The typewriter, the computer, the lump of clay, the piano, the paper or canvas, the pen or the paint, has no meaning. Nothing. It just si what it is. A lump of clay. But when you feel your way through that clay, mld it , become lost in that creation, design, feel it, kiln and then paint it. Now it has meaning for you. Many meanings. Now you gift it or sell it it becomes a meaning for those who will possess it. Now that is meaning. Yet the clay, paper, computer, paint or pen, with no meaning prior to that creation is not meaningless. It just is. It has no lack because of its isness. I hope we are making this a bit more clear for you.

And by the way “them” does not just include humans; it includes everything that is living, everything that is made of energy.

ME = Manifested Everywhere. Serve all who cross your path. Especially your enemies or those you do not get along with, such as ex- partners, hurtful parents, and even rude cashiers. Its simple and yet very challenging.

ME=Manifested Everywhere


Holly Hall

Exerpt from 101 Answers from the The Book, by Holly Hall



Holly Hall
Holly Hall

Master Astrologer Clairvoyant, NLP, HYP, LIFE COACH-Cosmologist

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