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They say ‘Love yourself and find love’… BS! Its “know yourself” -by Sign!!

They say ‘Love yourself and find love’… BS! Its “know yourself” -by Sign!!

Single, Not Happy
Married, Not Happy
Love yourself and you will find love. REALLY?!
I say “KNOW thy self and you will find love!

At the age of 40 when I met my 3rd hubby, as a single mom, I was not interested in him, not more than a friend. Then one day I said to myself ‘get over yourself Holly! That attitude did not work in the past. SO give him a try”. I have helped a few friends and clients do this as well.

In my 500 readings, I did last year, I can’t tell you how many women, including personal friends I have, that say they won’t even date a guy if there is not enough attraction right away. To many! And how many women that are married that are unhappy? OMG! Like most! WHY? the mojo is gone. Too much emphasis on mojo LOL. (secretly I get that too)
I read an article about a woman ranting about how she hates women telling her to love her self first, in it she writes about a friend who said Love yourself, who was in a marriage since age 18, The author wrote: “She has always been safe and secure in her relationship with that one man. She does not know heartache.“
How does she know that!? I guarantee she knows more heartache than many! Long term relationships are f’n hard! Sometimes being single sounds like a great idea! I found a man who loved me more than I loved me. SO that ‘love thyself first’, is not true. But ‘know’ they self, now, that is true.

Careful what you wish for:
I have all I have ever wanted. Man who adores me, an amazing father to my daughter who adores him, financial security, a best friend. And yes there are days Im still not happy. WHY? Because I GET in my own WAY! And when I feel like this I know it’s growing pains. And release of baggage. And its a great way for him to grow as well. How? Though communication, because most men suck at this and it’s our job to help them. Its their job to want to be helped.
Sooooo, I got in my way, and I still do. And probably always will. Its not what I thought it would be like, at all. And I am learning. I know myself all too well.

Knowing your self takes practice. When you know yourself you don’t blame the other person for your unhappiness. Oh the unhappiness is still there, but it’s not about them. The good news: You can fix You.

I want to learn to Love unconditionally, that’s a big word! Not sure anyone can… But its a goal.

Love they Self?
Know they Self! YES!

In my readings, I show people what I see deep within their souls, their being, and their human conditioning.
Are you stubborn, like many Taurus’s can be? Then Get over yourself. Do you need emotional attention, like some Cancers? Then ask for it or give it to yourself. Do you like a challenge and pick fights like an Aries? Then admit to that and understand not everyone works that way! (More below)

Loving yourself means different things to different people. Everyone, I mean everyone is worthy of being loved, no matter what!

You are NOT just your sun sign! Knowing your moon sign helps too. Look that up here, then come back and read it. However, nothing is as accurate as a full reading.

Aries- Argumentive. SOULution- Find adventure together. Do new things
Taurus- Stubborn. SOULution- Allow the others to come up with a solution. Never Assume
Gemini- Need to be right. SOULution- When you see a need to be right, stop and ask what is missing in the communication
Cancer-Needs Love SOULution- Self-care and ask for love.
Leo-Needs Attention SOULution- Don’t be childish, make sure you schedule romance and play.
Virgo-Needs perfection SOULution- Know that you can gentle help others but not expect quick results
Libra-Avoids confrontation SOULution- confront, argue, make choices!
Scorpio-Needs passion SOULution- find passion in art, and in deep conversation. Trust yourself
Sagittarius-Needs freedom SOULution- know you attract those who can be unavailable, make sure its healthy and they admire freedom.
Capricorn-Needs control SOULution- Flow and let it not be about control. You cannot make others act in a certain way.
Aquarius-Needs distance SOULution- know you attract those who can be detached. Have your space when you need it.
Pisces-Need solitude. SOULution- Know the you need rest and plenty of sleep

Namaste Holly

Have a session, and find love…..

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Holly Hall
Holly Hall

Master Astrologer Clairvoyant, NLP, HYP, LIFE COACH-Cosmologist

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