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Why Emotions mess with us!

Why Emotions mess with us!

Emotions are a human’s capacity that sets us apart from other living things. They are often seen as a hindrance in the modern society, but nowadays they may be a necessity for survival.

What is intuition? It is one of the most important skills of an artist, scientist or any person looking for meaning in life. Intuition can be defined as feelings and emotions that we have on the inside but cannot express on the outside.

It is one of the key aspects of who we are and it changes with our experience and environment. But what if these things could evolve?

Intuition is a sixth sense that can be developed with time and experience. It is a way of knowing things without analyzing the information or having any factual evidence. Intuition is a feeling that rises from our subconscious to our conscious, without being filtered by logic.

Emotions are typically experienced as physical sensations and include anger, jealousy, happiness, sadness and fear. They are often used to describe moods or specific situations rather than mental states. Emotions are sometimes divided into primary emotions — such as happiness, sadness and anger — and secondary emotions which include shame, empathy and jealousy.

Secondary emotions can exist independent of primary emotion but they also feed back into the primary emotion in different ways — for example sadness can intensify into depression when people feel helpless about their situation.

In fact spirit has told me that emotions are humans navigational tools, to intuitively make choices beyond their cognitive influence.

Unfortunately we rarely use them as navigational tools rather than they navigation/control us.

The best way to avoid this is awareness and observation. Try it.



Holly Hall
Holly Hall

Master Astrologer Clairvoyant, NLP, HYP, LIFE COACH-Cosmologist

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