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Why your Present is your Past and Future

Why your Present is your Past and Future

What is the difference between PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE? Why are there even these three words, when in spirituality and self-help others teach us to live in the present!?

It is challenging to comprehend that our history is in the present, in the now, soon this reading of this article will be in your history, in your past. At this moment you are creating history. At this moment you are creating your past. For when? For your future! Therefore the future is in the present as well. Not only merely for yourself but for your spouse, family, children and friends. On a larger scale for your community and the planet earth. Therefore the messages that are being sent to all of the above, in YOUR FUTURE will be heard according to the choices that you make at the present moment.

What kind of history do you want to create!

At this same moment, you are also creating your future. Because in the future you may mourn the mistakes you’re making now, or the decisions you’re executing presently, in the future you may think of this moment as a fond memory, in the future everyone around the situation will also be looking at it in the present, on how it affects how they perform, how they react and how they designed their lives.

For example if I make a choice to speak my truth to someone I love this will affect their future and mine. And how do I want to historically look at this moment in our future. This could very well reshape how you will perform speaking of your truth.

So now it gets even more complicated, obviously, we are not to be responsible for everyone’s perspective of this given moment.

We are only to be responsible for our own future perspective of the moment now, acting on the now, may mean not to act on it at all, but to interact on it within your ‘being’. This will become your history, or his story, or her story or her-story. What story do you want to tell in your future about the NOW.



Holly Hall
Holly Hall

Master Astrologer Clairvoyant, NLP, HYP, LIFE COACH-Cosmologist

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