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5 Ancient Techniques to Calm Emotions

The 5 Secrets of Stoism In the theater of life, emotions play the lead role, often guiding our actions and dictating our happiness, but what if we had a script to help us? Master those emotions, ensuring they uplift rather than rule us. Welcome to the world of stoicism, an ancient philosophy rich with techniques […]


Mercury retrograde can affect people differently depending on their sun sign. When Mercury is retrograde in Leo, which is a fire sign known for its bold and expressive nature, it tends to influence communication, creativity, and self-expression. It lats til mid Sept how ever it is in the shadow til Oct 3. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND […]

7 LAWS of the Universe

WATCH ABOVE OR READ BELOW. Enjoy. Welcome to “Universal Harmony: Exploring the Laws of the Universe,” the podcast that delves into the timeless wisdom of the Seven Laws of the Universe. Join us as we embark on a journey of self-discovery, exploring the profound insights and practical applications of these universal principles. An enlightening discussion, […]


F E A R What Fear Does to the Body, Mind, and Soul-Science meets Spirituality. Fear is Physical- Body Fear is felt in your mind, but it triggers a powerful physical reaction in your body. As soon as you acknowledge fear, your amygdala (small organ in the middle of your brain) goes to work. It signals […]

The Martyr Manipulation

The Martyr Manipulation We all know who they are, you may even be one. In fact, from time to time we have all worn the cloak of the Martyr. But wait?! A Martyr is defined as a Hero in the dictionary?! Furthermore it is written: A religious person who refuses to deny his religion and […]

What is does your Sun Sign mean?

Here is a detailed description of each astrology sun sign (western): 1. Aries (March 21 – April 19):Aries is a cardinal fire sign ruled by Mars. People born under this sign are known for their fiery and energetic nature. They are natural-born leaders, courageous, and highly motivated. Arians have a strong sense of individuality and […]

What is Your Moon Sign?

The Basics: Moon signs in astrology represent our emotional nature, instincts, and innermost needs. They provide insights into our emotional responses, subconscious patterns, and nurturing tendencies. Each moon sign has its own unique set of personality traits. Here are some general characteristics associated with each moon sign:   1. Aries Moon: Assertive, independent, passionate, impulsive, […]

All you need to know about ALL the Full Moons this Year! (2023/24)

Here are the full moon dates for 2023 and 2024: 2023: – July 28th – August 26th – September 25th – October 24th – November 23rd – December 23rd 2024: – January 21st – February 20th – March 21st – April 19th – May 19th – June 17th – July 16th – August 14th – […]

Why have an Instant Mini Reading?

Why Choose an Instant Mini Reading? Are you curious to explore the mysteries and wonders of astrology? Wondering why an instant recorded mini-reading could be the perfect choice for you? Allow me to shed some light on the matter. Firstly, an instant mini-reading offers you a quick and accessible way to tap into the profound wisdom of the stars. With just […]

The Practice of Unconditional Love

My journey in practicing non-attached love has been an eye-opening, transformative experience. It began with a realization that true love goes beyond possession and control, and it involves embracing the freedom and autonomy of both myself and my partner. I embarked on this path daily, and I have to confront my own insecurities and fears […]

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